• TMMOB (The Union of the Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) "The Exhibition of Contemporary Inner Space Perspective"
    The opening ceremony of the "Contemporary Inner Space Perspective” project exhibition organized by TMMOB , Chamber of Interior Architects in dedication to the respectful member of the Chamber of Interior Architects Mr. Hulisi Gonenli, was held at the Mustafa Ayaz Museum in 28 March 2010. The Projects including various interior designs from different cities was exhibited in the gallery during one week.

    BRHD trip to the Museum
    Önder Aydın, chairman of the United Painters and Sculptors Association (BRHD), organized a trip to the Mustafa Ayaz Museum on 15 November 2010 with lots of artists and gallery managers with the purpose of increasing public interest in museums. Turkish Minister for Tourism and Culture Ertuğrul Günay and members of the press were also among the guests.

    1st Painting Contest Among High Schools
    The Mustafa Ayaz Museum and Plastic Arts Center Foundation organized the 1st painting contest among high schools on 16 December 2010 with the aim of bringing art to young generations and promoting arts in the society. The exhibition opening and rewards ceremony were held at the Mustafa Ayaz Museum. Works that received prizes and that were found worthy for display were exhibited for 2 weeks at the Mustafa Ayaz Art Gallery.