Educational Events

By virtue of the “23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day”, the students of Governor Ziya Coker Elementary School from Suruc County of Sanliurfa coming to Ankara as a guest of IDV Bilkent Private Primary School, experienced hours full of art at the Plastic Arts Museum of Mustafa Ayaz Foundation .Within the scope of the ‘museum education' program, students examined the works exhibited in the museum, spoke to paintings, and in the end, having inspired by what they had seen in the museum, they created their own paintings by the technique of acrylic on canvas. Experiencing the joy of meeting with art in the museum and practicing painting acrylic on canvas for the first time in their lives, students stressed that they will exhibit their art works in their home town Suruc and never forget their one week journey to the Capital.

On the occasion of the Museums Week, the İbn-i Sina & Metin Emiroğlu Primary Schools visited the museum on 20 May 2011 with the members of the Contemporary Drama Association (ÇDD); the students viewed the art works accompanied by creative drama. Afterwards, the students created their own paintings in the children's workshop of the museum. 

30 students on scholarship from the Turkish Education Association (TED) visited the Mustafa Ayaz Museum on 8 Octaber 2011. They met with Artist Mustafa Ayaz, from whom they received information on the museum; afterwards, the students presented Mustafa Ayaz with a plaque of gratitude for his contributions to art.

A group of 34 students from the Mamak Harmanyolu Primary Education School visited the Mustafa Ayaz Museum on 31 January 2012 within the scope of an arts event organized by the Anıttepe Rotary Club. The event was hosted by the Mustafa Ayaz Museum, where students first examined the pieces on display at the museum. Afterwards, the students were engaged in some collective painting sessions using acrylic paint on canvas under the supervision of Prof. Hasan Pekmezci